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Dos and Don'ts of Fertilising

Fertilising your plants can be daunting, we know. Which fertiliser do I use? How much do I need to give the plants? What's the difference between slow-release and liquid? When do I fertilise them? Do I do it before or after watering? These are all questions I asked when I first started getting into plants. And it seemed the more I researched, the more I got confused. But working in the plant industry and working with people who have spent over 50years in horticulture has been a blessing and I'm ready to pass on my learnings.


  • Research and think. This may sound dumb but how do you want to treat your plants? Do you prefer to use a slow-release fertiliser or liquid concentrate?

  • Use a quality product. This is so important. Know your product has quality ingredients that won't detriment the plant. Nothing worse than having a dying plant because they contain Roundup.

  • Fertilise at least each season. A fertiliser's job is to release nutrients into the soil which is absorbed by the plant. A liquid concentrate is a quick top-up and a slow-release, as you can guess, releases the nutrients gradually. However, to stay on top of optimum plant health, this should be done regularly.

  • Fertilise before you water. This is so the pellets have the opportunity to slightly dissolve to release the nutrients.


  • Fertilise directly onto the roots. The chemicals in fertilisers can burn a plant's root system. Fertilise around the roots and on top of the soil.

  • More is not always best. The more fertiliser you give your plant does not mean it's going to last longer.

  • Overthink. Don't work yourself up about whether what you're doing is right or wrong. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out and we're more than happy to help.

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