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Why You Should Give Plants this Christmas

If there is one thing you should know about me, it's that I LOVE Christmas. Not like the average joe that loves Christmas but lives and breaths it from December 27th. My love, therefore, is carried through to everyone else in our little Plants by Wendy family.

One thing you should know about Plants by Wendy, is that we are huge plant enablers. We won't try to talk you out of a plant purchase (not because we want the sale) but because we genuinely think that the more plants, the better.

Therefore, we think, know, and suggest that plants are the way to go for Christmas this year. Yes, we love plants but there are also a heap of other reasons we think it's time you start picking the right plants for your loved ones this silly season.

  1. Plant gifting is sustainable. You're not buying into the consumerism side of Christmas that is usually always implied and enforced. You're making an educated and thoughtful decision by purchasing a live plant. Said live plant also can have so many benefits including (but not limited to): lowering stress levels, purifies the air, and builds trust and confidence in the new plant parent.

  2. The gift keeps on giving. You're basically gifting the circle of life. Bonus points if you gift something that multiplies or a vining/hanging plant (any kind of Pothos, Syngoniums, Philodendron Cordatums) because these can be propagated and one plant can turn into 30. Maybe you can cash in on a cutting or pup from the Mother plant.

  3. Plants aren't a novelty that will sit in the cupboard. Who else is sick of giving novelty items for the sake of gift-giving? *raises hands* Who else is sick of hoarding their gifts in cupboards that are now overflowing? *raises hands*. Gifting a plant, especially when you know they are a plant lover, is probably better than realising Santa is in fact real.

So what are you waiting for? We have a huge selection of both indoor and outdoor plants in all sorts of budgets and for all levels of plant-expertness. Plus, we are taking the hassle away from you and can hold and use TLC to care for your awesome plant presents until December 23rd.

If you need some help, some inspiration, here are our top picks for this Christmas from all our beautiful ladies.

Georgia: Philodendron Gloriosum You cannot go wrong with a Philodendron Gloriosum for a loved one or yourself.

They have definitely been on the harder to find section and our beautiful ones are

full and in a good-sized pot (130mm squat pot). 10/10 would recommend

Leanne: Pothos Manjula

It's no surprise our ladies love some more unique plants and Leanne is no different with her saying the Manjula is her go-to pick. These plants are similar to a Pothos Snow Queen but also not at all the same. They have the most magnificent cream &

green variegation that just looks unreal in real life. 5 out of 5 stars

Lakota: Tahitian Bridal Veil

I mean, these plants are just unreal. They are beautiful, lush, and bushy plants and

when they get their cute little white flowers on, they look oh so delicate. A perfect

plant for your verandah. Plus, every single customer always stops and comments

on them. Great buy

Wendy: Grow lights

Wendy coming through with some more practical plant care/accessories. Grow lights are so bloomin' superb for those people that have huge plants inside that they can't bring out for much sun all the time. Also great for lazy people (like us most Sundays). We use ours all the time!

Sophie: Fishbone Cactus

Sophie has been wanting one of these for the longest time. They are a rigid sort of succulent that has super cool and fun foliage. They actually do really well inside &

don't need too much water which is top-notch when you live a busy lifestyle. On our wishlist for this Christmas. Hint, hint Santa.

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