Say hey to the Aglaonema Night Sparkle. This fella is kind of the opposite of what you'd imagine he'd look like from his name. He's a gorgeous houseplant that is grown for his foliage. He has this seamless transition of pale-green and dark-green variegations scattered throughout his leaf. But he then has this very pink vein straight in the centre of the leaf and edged with a thin almost-white border. He's definitely unique and perfect for all levels of plant expertise as he is super easy to care for. He is grown and sold in 100mm, 130mmsquat, and 175mm pots.

*Please note: The 175mm pot is for pick up only. Any order that involves delivery of the 175mm Aglaonema will be immediately refunded. This is because the pot is too heavy*

Aglaonema Night Sparkle

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    • Perfect for indoors where she’ll get lots of bright, indirect light
    • Can tolerate some outdoor conditions but needs lots of shade
    • Keep her soil nice and moist throughout spring and summer but make sure she’s not drowning
    • In winter, allow her top soil to dry out before giving her a big drink