Meet the Alocasia Morocco aka “pink dragon” aka elephant ear – these names are often used interchangeably. She has super cute pink stems that support dark green leaves that have gorgeous silvery-coloured veins. This superstar would make a picture-perfect houseplant or can even be planted in an understory outside. She is grown and sold in 100mm pots.

Alocasia Morocco/Pink Dragon

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    • Keep her away from any direct sunlight as her leaves may burn
    • She will need quite a bit of bright, indirect light in order to thrive
    • Don’t let her soil dry out too much – water when the first inch of topsoil is dry
    • Keep up the humidity throughout winter to avoid the plant dying back (although she will come back in the growing season – don’t give up)
    • Feed her every 2-3 weeks throughout spring and summer to encourage growth