Meet the Alocasia Tigrina. This bad boy is a really cool and sought after hybrid of the Alocasia Zebrina x hybrid 'Tigrina'. So he does look quite similar to a regular Alocasia Zebrina however his leaves are narrower and just generally a bit smaller. So what makes him cool? I mean you just have to look at him! He has thin stripe-y stems that produce these glorious lush-looking green foliage. He makes for an awesome indoor plant that will definitely show off. He is grown and sold in 100mm pots.

Alocasia Tigrina

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    • He needs a spot where he can get plenty of bright indirect light but be careful because direct sunlight can burn his precious leaves
    • Let his top soil dry out a little bit before giving him a nice big water (until water flows out of his drainage holes)
    • Make sure to feed him with some good quality fertiliser every 3-4 weeks throughout the warmer months
    • Alocasias are known to go dormant throughout winter but they don't die. Just stick with him and continue to care for him and he'll come back bigger and better than ever before