Meet the dashing Anthurium schlechtendalii aka Pheasants Tail. This gorgeous specimen is a relatively hardy bird's nest anthurium. He produces large, dark green leaves with gorgeous, subtle veining throughout the foliage. He makes for a perfect indoor, patio, or under-story plant. They are grown and sold in 200mm pots. 

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Anthurium schlechtendalii

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    • Let the topsoil dry out a bit before giving him a thorough watering (until water seeps out of his drainage holes)
    • He grows best in a light and coarse potting mix. We recommend something similar to a cacti/orchid mix
    • They thrive in bright, indirect light. Be careful he doesn't get too much direct sun because it can burn his gorgeous leaves 
    • Humidity, humidity, humidity! We recommend misting him daily if you don't get much humidity at your place