Meet the Calathea Fasciata. She is the cousin of the Orbifolia and carries many similar traits. Her large, rounded leaves with gorgeous ribbing along the foliage are among some of the more noticeable resemblances. She has a beautiful burgundy underside which is a known characteristic of Calatheas. The Fasciata is an absolute winner if you want a small but “packs a punch” houseplant that will totally deliver. She is grown and sold in 140mm pots.

Calathea Fasciata

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    • She can tolerate low to medium light but she thrives in bright, indirect sunlight
    • She is prone to sunburn so keep her out of direct sunlight
    • This gal loves her soil to remain moist but not wet. We recommend a water meter to be on the safe side
    • We recommend giving her leaves a clean once a week with either diluted neem oil or diluter white oil to stay on top of dust accumulation and/or other pests