Say hey to the Calathea Ornata. This pretty lady really is a sight to behold. With dark green leaves ornated with pink stripes running from the spine of the leaf to the outer edges, it is clear why she is grown for her foliage. She has a reddish-purple underside which is synonymous with other calatheas. She is grown and sold in 130mm squat pots.

Calathea Ornata

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    • She can tolerate low to medium light but she thrives in bright, indirect sunlight. Too much sun though, can lead to her leaves dulling out
    • She is prone to sunburn so keep her out of direct sunlight
    • This gal loves her soil to remain moist but not wet. We recommend a water meter to be on the safe side
    • We recommend giving her leaves a clean once a week with either diluted neem oil or diluted white oil to stay on top of dust accumulation and/or other pests