Meet the stunning Calathea White Fusion. This one tugs on the heartstrings of so many before it and we are absolutely no exception. Look at her! The variegations of white, green, and dark green on the top side of the leaf are gorgeous by themselves but then you get hints of the maroon underside which give off pink hues through the white. It is just so pretty. Calatheas are known to be clumping plants so this babe will only continue to grow more and more lush if being cared for correctly. She is grown and sold in 140mm pots. 

Calathea White Fusion

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    • She needs lots of bright indirect light in order for her variegation to come through strong and gorgeous
    • The White Fusion is a sucker for moist soil! Don't let her sit in soggy, wet soil but also don't let her dry out too much - think a little water but more often
    • Humidity is her best friend. She would go great in somewhere like a bathroom or a greenhouse. Otherwise, mist her often to mimic the humidity needed
    • Remember: it is normal for small brown marks around the edges to come and go every once in a while. If it is brown and soggy, you have given it too much water. If it is thin and crispy, that's a signal that she has too much direct sun
    • Prune as needed to keep her looking beautiful