Say hey to the Chamaedorea seifrizii. First things first, although the common name for this palm is the "bamboo palm" it is in no way bamboo. He is actually a tropical palm that makes for an amazing evergreen indoor palm. They do grow pretty large (anywhere from 1.5-3m tall) so would make an absolute statement in your homes/patio/verandahs. They are grown and sold in 200mm pots. 

*Please note: these plants are available for pick up only orders. Any order that requires these to be delivered will be immediately refunded the cost of the plant*

Chamaedorea Seifrizii "Bamboo Palm"

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    • Give him a big drink of water when you notice his soil becomes dry and make sure to give him enough so that water seeps out of the drainage holes
    • Repot with free-draining soil once the plant becomes too big for the current pot 
    • Fertilise in Spring with a slow release fertiliser
    • They love lots of bright indirect light but will tolerate low light