Say hey to the Chlorophytum comosum aka the "Spider Plant". These guys are probably THE easiest plant to care for and grow. They have these long, thin, green leaves that are edged in white. As the plant matures, you'll notice that they begin to develop these 'mini spider plants' and they are the pups that you can propagate from. You can either cut the pup off and water propgate or you can plant the pup (still attached to the main plant) in soil and let it thrive before trimming it off too. They are grown and sold in 200mm pots. 

*please note: these plants are only available for pick up orders. Any orders that require this plant for delivery will be immediately refunded the price of the plant*

Chlorophytum comosum "Spider Plant"

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    • They love bright indirect light. Keep them away from direct sun as their leaves burn easily 
    • Let their soil dry out before giving them enough water (until water seeps out of the drainage holes)
    • Fertilise monthly throughout the growing season