Say hey to the Dieffenbachia Amy. She is a beautiful plant that produces long and wide foliage with the most spectacular patterns. Each leaf will have slight discrepencies but they all have a wide cream centre with a dark green edge which is also edged with green splotches. She is a clumping plant so will continue to grow thick and lush. She is grown and sold in 140mm pots. 

Dieffenbachia Amy

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    • If indoors, she will need lots of bright indirect light. Any direct sunlight can burn her leaves
    • She can tolerate lower light but her growing will stall
    • Amy can also be grown outdoors in a partial shaded position
    • Keep her soil relatively moist. She can get slightly dry and be okay. Usually once a week is all that is needed
    • If you repot her, we recommend a free-draining soil mix