This dragon’s tail is not to be feared. Instead it is to be loved and adored and would make a perfect hanging accessory in your house. She is a trailing vine who can grow up to 1m in length. Whilst she is still young her leaves are elliptical and smaller but as she ages her leaves start to become thicker and leathery and develop beautiful fenestrations that somewhat resemble a Monstera Deliciosa leaf. She is grown and sold in 100mm, 140mm or 270mm pots.

Epipremnum pinnatum "Dragon's Tail"

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    • She thrives in indirect sunlight. If she is exposed to direct sunlight she is at risk of sunburn
    • Allow her soil to dry out before watering. When she is dry thoroughly water her by running her under water until it starts to come out of her drainage holes. She should not be left to sit in any body of water due to possible root rotting
    • Fertilise her once to twice a month during the growing season
    • Prune any leaves that begin to yellow with age