Meet the Epipremnum Pinnatum aka Pothos Cebu Blue. This lass has been quite the attention seeker in the plant community for at least the better half of 2020, and for good reason. Have you seen his foliage?! He throws out varying colours ranging from a shiny silvery-blue to shades of green when the plant matures. He is a vining plant which means that his stems get longer and not necessarily bushier. To get the bushy look, we recommend purchasing a few and plant together or even to propagate your own cuttings. Anyway, this dude can look great climbing a totem or even cascading down a pot. He is grown and sold in 100mm pots.

Epipremnum Pinnatum Pothos Cebu Blue

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    • He is part of the pothos family, so a breeze to care for
    • He loves welldraining soil so consider adding in some perlite and sand if and/or when you repot him
    • He grows pretty good in medium light. Definitely keep him away from direct sunlight though as this can lead to sunburn
    • Give him a big drink (until water runs out of the draining holes) once his soil begins to dry