Meet the Fatsia Japonica. These guys are pretty funky-looking and unique. Their foliage is unusual in the sense that the edges come to a variety of points, similar to a star and have a visible light centre with lines spreading into each point. He is an evergreen shrub which means that his foliage stays the exact same throughout the seasons. He does produce small white flowers throughout autumn that are followed by small black berry fruits. He is grown and sold in 300mm pots. 

* please note: these plants are for pick up only. Any orders that require delivery for this plant will be immediately refunded*

Fatsia Japonica

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    • He is mature but not fully grown as they can reach heights of 2.5m
    • They prefer a shaded position away from direct sunlight or indoors with bright indirect light 
    • Prune as required and to allow new growth
    • Water when his soil is almost dry