Meet the Ficus Lemon n Lime. This lad is an ornamental, evergreen plant that is pretty laid back when it comes to care. He is definitely grown for his foliage and it's easy to see why. His leaves have a dark green base with splotches of light green around the edges, and thin light yellow veining in the centre of the leaf. Hence the name "lemon n lime". And, it just keeps getting better - he removes toxins from the air. How cool is that?! He's pretty to look at and good for you! He is grown and sold in 250mm pots. 

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Ficus Lemon n Lime

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    • This guy loves lots of bright light but away from direct sunlight. If he doesn't get enough light, he will stretch and look for better lighting 
    • Allow his soil to dry out a tad before watering again
    • Feed him monthly to bi-monthly throughout the growing seasons