Say hey to the Hoya Cumingiana aka the "wax plant". Hoyas are definitely a collectors species and you need this funky Cumingiana in your collection. She produces these small eliptical leaves that run off the edges of a branch. And unlike other hoyas, the cumingiana have stiff branches that don't hang as easily, rather jutt out. She produces bright and fragrant flowers throughout spring and summer. She is grown and sold in 130mm hanging pots. 

Hoya Cumingiana

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    • Allow her soil to dry out before watering
    • If you repot her, make sure to give her a good free-draining soil mix 
    • If indoors, she needs lots of bright indirect light 
    • If outdoors, it should be kept somewhere with bright shade or filtered sunlight
    • Hoyas thrive in humidity but you can create a similar environment by misting the plant with filtered water regularly