Meet the Juniper Spartan. Before you say anything, we know he looks like a Christmas tree. He is one of the most popular junipers because of how easy he is to care for and how versatile he is. Spartans produce compact, dark-green foliage that grows into a self-shaping conical tree. They require little to no pruning (but respond very well if needed). And he makes a great landscaping plant as he can grow quite tall (up to 5m) and makes great hedging, screening, and windbreaking plants. He is grown and sold in 200mm pots. 

*please note: this plant is only available for pick up orders. If any purchase of this plant requires delivery, you will be refunded the cost of the plant immediately. This is because he is too big to post*

Juniper Spartan

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    • He is pretty hardy so will tolerate most conditions but loves full sun to part shade 
    • Keep his soil nice and moist 
    • Give him a slow release fertiliser around spring or summer