Meet the Nephrolepsis Blue Bell Fern. This gal is the definition of 'lush' and 'tropical'. She produces these long, fishbone-like fronds that hang beautifully over the edge of her pot, as well as stand tall in her centre. She will add beauty, drama, and tropical daydreaming to your homes, verandahs or shady gardens. She is grown and sold in a 200mm squat hanging pot. 

*Please note: this plant is only available for pick up orders. Any purchase of this plant that requires postage will be immediately refunded the price of the plant*

Nephrolepsis Blue Bell Fern

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    • She loves her soil to stay moist, especially during the dry season. Water her every other day throughout spring and summer 
    • The blue bell thrives in humidity! You can mimic humidity by misting her every day 
    • Apply a slow-release fertiliser in spring 
    • Repot the fern in the cooler months when the plant is dormant