Meet the Peperomia verschaffeltii aka Mini Watermelon peperomia. This gal is a pretty unique and funky little one. She has small, dark green foliage with silvery veins which kind of resemble a smaller, pointier watermelon peperomia leaf. However, and this is where it gets cool, her leaves can either flatten out completely or curl in slightly (and no, this is not because of a watering issue). Cool, hey?! She is grown and sold in 100mm pots.

Peperomia verschaffeltii Mini Watermelon

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    • She is pretty resilient but thrives in bright, indirect sunlight
    • Let her soil dry out in between waterings
    • Peperomias are known to be quite compact and this babe won’t grow too big
    • If you decide to repot her, make sure she has welldraining soil by adding a bit of perlite and some sand