Meet the lustrous Philodendron Lynette. This stunner produces long, luscious dark-green leaves that have amazing ribbing across the whole length. She is a clumping plant, as you can probably see, so she keeps getting more and more full as she continues to grow. Each individual leaf can get as long as 70cm so will definitely make a statement in your home, patio, or shaded garden. She is grown and sold in a 250mm pot. 

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Philodendron Lynette

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    • She thrives in humid conditions, so if she's inside, mist her regularly 
    • Place her where she will get lots of bright indirect light as this will allow her to grow quicker. If you don't have the perfect spot, she will grow well under grow lights
    • If kept inside, water her about once a week or let the top soil get a little dry before watering her thoroughly (water seeping out of the drainage holes)