Meet the Platycerium bifurcatum aka "Staghorn Fern". You've probably seen these in movies, mounted. That's because these guys are actually epiphytic ferns which means they grow on other things (like trees). We sell them in nursery pots with soil, however, for best results, we recommend mounting them when you get an opportunity. Like other ferns, these guys produce pores on their leaves (which looks like dust build-up but we promise it's not) and that is how they reproduce. These guys are grown and sold in 130mm squat pots. 


Platycerium bifurcatum "Staghorn Fern"

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    • Staghorn like a bit of light but no direct sunlight (artificial light will also suffice)
    • They are epiphytic so we recommend misting the plant every day
    • Although it is sold in a nursery pot, it is best to mount it to give the staghorn the best chance to thrive