Our next guest needs no introduction. We have the Pothos Devil's Ivy! This stud is the reining king of the indoor plant community. And for good reason. Not only is he drop dead handsome he is also super easy to care for and propagate! His heart-shaped leaves have darling light green yellow variegation through it. He makes for the most stunning hanging plant in your home! He is grown and sold in 130mm pots.

Pothos Devil's Ivy (130mm)

    • He loooooves high humidity. If you don't have too much humidity in your home regular misting will do the job just fine!
    • Allow his soil to slightly dry out before giving him a big drink of water (water until the water seeps out of his drainage holes)
    • Prune it to your desired length and then pop the cuttings into water until they develop roots and then repot either into a separate pot or back into the mother pot