Meet the Senecio Angels Tears aka Clown Tears. This cute, little, lady is a beautiful, variegated succulent. She has these delicate tear-shaped leaves, hence her name. She is definitely grown for her beautiful, lush, variegated “hair” that when let to cascade down her pot, looks quite romantic. Treat her similarly to any other succulent but she can tolerate slightly more watering (if you tend to over care for your plants). She is grown and sold in 118mm pots.

Senecio Angel's Tears

    • Allow her topsoil to dry out before watering
    • If her tears begin to shrink, that is a sign of underwatering
    • She definitely prefers shade to semi-shaded positions (variegation requires more shade)
    • Fertilise her twice a year with a slow release fertiliser
    • She grows like wildfire spring to autumn