Meet the glorious Stromanthe Tricolour. This babe is a gorgeous plant that will add beauty to any house or garden. She is for sure grown for her foliage with long, thinner leaves that have a dark green base but are adorned with white and pink variegations. She is native to Brazil so does best in warmer climates and can grow beautifully in or outside. She is grown and sold in 250mm pots. 

*please note: this plant is only available for pick up orders. Any purchase of this plant that requires delivery will be immediately refunded the cost of the plant*

Stromanthe Tricolour

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    • Stromanthes are known to have a clumping habit so will always look nice and bushy
    • Keep her in shade (direct sun can burn her leaves) but with lots of bright indirect light to help those variegations show through beautifully
    • Moist, welldrained soil is the way to go. We recommend potting mix with a bit of either bark or perlite