Meet the to-die-for Syngonium Albo Variegata “Fantasy”. This funky girl has been at the top of everyone’s “must have” plant list for some time and we can see why. Her glorious arrow-shaped leaves develop the most magnificent white splotched, green leaves that are sure to guarantee no two leaves will be the same. Syngoniums are known to be a pretty easy houseplant to care for as they don’t get too fussed. Plus you can let them trail down or climb a trellis, whatever you heart desires. Please note: you are not guaranteed the plant that is in the photo. Each plant has different levels of variation and we will send you the best plant we have. She is grown and sold in 140mm pots.

Syngonium albo variegata "Fantasy"

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    • She likes her soil to stay relatively damp so never let her get dry
    • She also loves lots of humidity. So a bathroom could be an awesome place or near a humidifier. Misting her regularly also works quite well
    • She prefers partial sun to bright filtered light