Say hey to the Syngonium Yami Red. These guys, like other Syngonium are often referred to as an “arrowhead” plant due to the shape of their leaves. The Yami red are quite similar to the White Butterfly Syngonium with a creamy-green coloured lead, however, the yami red have a gorgeous reddish-pink vein running down the centre of the leaf. They make an ideal houseplant as they are easy to care for and quite compact, making it perfect for most areas. They are grown and sold in 140mm pots.

Syngonium Yami Red

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    • He will thrive best with bright, indirect light but can tolerate lower lighting
    • Be careful to keep him away from direct sunlight which can cause sunburn
    • Humidity is his best friend. He will work well in a bathroom or with a humidifier or even misting him every few days
    • If you repot him, give him free draining soil by mixing some indoor potting mix with perlite and sand
    • Prune as necessary