Say hey to the Tradescantia Tricolour aka Wandering Jew. These are absolutely precious plants that have stunning variegation of greens, whites, and pink stripes. They look to die for when they grow and spread up and over their pots. They are a quick growing plant which is perfect for all those plant parents that are impatient. They are grown and sold in 100mm pots.

Tradescantia Tricolour

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    • They love bright, indirect sunlight (sun is needed to keep their colour but is also prone to sunburn from direct light)
    • They don’t like to be too wet, so welldraining soil is best
    • Water directly into the soil or bottom water as their foliage is temperamental
    • Prune their legs to promote more growth and bushiness
    • If their variegation turns green, it is most likely getting too little light