Meet the Tradescantia Zebrina Purple aka "Wandering Jew". These plants are evergreen perennials and are definitely grown for their foliage. With lance-shaped leaves that are covered in tones of green, purple, and silver, it's an eye-catcher. They can be grown both inside where it would make a great hanging plant, or kept outside where it would make a phenomenal groundcover. The Zebrina won't necessarily get too tall but it will spread and cascade down pots if left to do so. They are grown and sold in 175mm pots. 

*please note: these plants are only available for in-store pick-up. Any purchase of this plant that requires delivery will be immediately refunded. This is simply because of the size and weight of the plant*

Tradescantia Zebrina Purple

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    • They prefer their soil to stay nice and moist but will tolerate a touch of dryness 
    • Zebrina can grow outdoors with light shade or indoors with lots of bright light (too little light can dull the colourings of the foliage)
    • Feel free to prune as needed to remove green leaves and promote bushiness