Say hey to the Zanzibar Gem ‘Zenzi’ aka ‘ZZ plant’. He is grown for his lush, thick, dark and light green leaves that spurt upwards on a thick stem. The Zenzii is a smaller and more compact growing baby than his larger father, the original Zanzibar Gem. Perfect for a small corner of your house you need to fill. He is oh so beautiful and uber easy to look after (he basically thrives off neglect). He is grown and sold in 130mm squat pot.

Zanzibar gem "Zenzii"

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    • Don’t water him regularly at all. Throughout the growing season he only really needs water about once a month and in winter maybe every couple of months. We weren’t kidding when we said he thrives off neglect
    • He loves a nice shaded spot with not too much sunlight
    • Dust his leaves with neem oil to avoid accumulation of dust